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Clearing Doubts with Our Top FAQs

Why does ChangeOVR® Filtration provide upgraded materials of construction?

ChangeOVR® enhances material construction to streamline our customers' inventory, saving them valuable maintenance costs and reducing inventory piece counts.

Are ChangeOVR® OEM replacement filter elements guaranteed direct replacement filter elements?

Absolutely. ChangeOVR® filter elements are meticulously engineered as direct replacements. We analyze original OEM materials layer by layer to ensure a perfect fit and proper function in terms of flow, pressure drop, filtration efficiency, and collapse rating.

Are ChangeOVR® OEM replacement filter elements available for global distribution?

Yes, ChangeOVR® filter elements are globally available, adhering to U.S. Government guidelines and restrictions as applicable. Your satisfaction is our priority.

What sets ChangeOVR® Filtration apart from other manufacturers of OEM replacement filter elements?

ChangeOVR® boasts a team with over 37 years of experience in supplying OEM filtration equipment to industry giants like General Electric®, Siemens®, Solar®, and more. Our stock often includes filter elements initially specified by these OEMs for high-speed rotating equipment such as gas turbines and compressors.

Does ChangeOVR® Filtration maintain a stock of filter elements for fast turnaround requirements?

Absolutely. Our inventory continually expands based on our customers' needs. Currently, we stock a wide range of filter elements for specific high-speed rotating equipment like General Electric LM2500, LM6000, and LMS 100 gas turbines. We ship same day to meet your urgent requirements.

Can I expect competitive pricing for ChangeOVR® filter elements globally?

At ChangeOVR®, we understand the budget constraints faced by maintenance organizations. Our track record speaks for itself – we consistently offer the best pricing, aligning with our commitment to delivering Operational Value Replacements for our customers.

Will selecting an OEM replacement part from ChangeOVR® void the warranty provided by the equipment manufacturer?

This is a common concern, but it's important to note that warranties generally apply to performance and not to filter elements. Filter elements are not pressure-containing components, so they don't impact the equipment's warranty or compliance standards. Furthermore, since ChangeOVR® builds direct replacement filter elements, we assume the same performance warranty as the original OEM part, provided you supply a copy of the original OEM mechanical data sheet and certified conditions of the actual operating equipment.

Why does ChangeOVR® Filtration place such importance on the cleanliness of supplied filters?

At ChangeOVR®, our team has hands-on operations experience, and we understand the critical nature of fine filtration efficiencies, some less than 1 micron absolute. Our goal is to ensure the utmost cleanliness of the filter element, both internally and externally, providing maintenance personnel with the best possible conditions for insertion without compromising the integrity of the build. Our packaging is designed to protect filter elements, whether they're stored in offshore production platforms or desert environments prone to sand ingression.

Does ChangeOVR® Filtration ever compromise on filtration media quality to reduce costs?

Absolutely not. We source our media exclusively from globally recognized leaders in glass fiber and stainless-steel media supply. Anything less would be unacceptable and go against the principles upon which our product line was built. Quality is our cornerstone.

Do ChangeOVR® personnel understand requirements such as API614, API692, and other compliance standards for filters when building OEM replacement filter elements?

Our personnel maintain these specifications on-site within our quality control department, ensuring we always meet or exceed customer requirements and industry standards. Your satisfaction and compliance are our top priorities.

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